What is Intelligent Media Design?

This is a bundle of services designed and implemented by Techelp.  The goal of this service is to help commissioned sales professionals get more leads of such high quality that they are ready to buy.


DaVinci’s ” Happen To Things”

“It has long since come to my attention that peopleof accomplishment rarely sat back and let thingshappen to them. They went out and happened tothings.” -Leonardo DaVinci

The way people are buying cars has changed. No longer does hanging out in the service department every morning or making cold calls to previous customers or old recycled lists work. Neither does direct mail, tv, radio ads or newspapers & magazines. The way the dealers still do it is “old school” and no longer produces the results that are desired. If you continue to rely on these methods you will produce mediocre results. That is because buyers have more resources at their disposal and more information. They go on-line to shop and go to the dealer to buy AFTER they have found the car they want to buy. If they can’t find you online chances are they will not buy from you.

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Better results through online media